Plus by Paymentsense FAQs

What is Plus?

Plus by Paymentsense is an exclusive rewards portal giving you unlimited access to bespoke offers designed to help your business grow.

Plus helps to grow your business by offering you business-related products and services at highly-discounted prices. From accounting software and business courses to stationery and computer security, we offer you everything you need to give your business the advantage.

Plus also features discounted leisure benefits from big brands and top names, helping you unwind and enjoy your time off. From hotel breaks and family days out to movie downloads and fine dining, we have something from everyone.

Plus is strictly available to Paymentsense customers only.

How do I redeem an offer?

  1. From the homepage, select ‘VIEW OFFER’ to see details of the offer.
  2. From the offer page, take note of the offer code (if applicable) and select ‘REDEEM’ to be taken to the offer website.
  3. Make your order or add your item(s) to the shopping cart and when prompted, input your offer code (if applicable) which will activate your discount. If there is no code, the discount will be applied automatically.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can redeem an offer?

Unless otherwise stated, you can redeem any of our offers as many times as you wish while they’re available.

How long are the offers available for?

Different offers expire at different times so please check the terms & conditions of each offer page for their relevant expiry date.

If you decide to leave Paymentsense or cancel your Plus subscription, you will no longer have access to these offers.


How do I take advantage of new offers?

We’ll email you on occasion about our Flash Offers, otherwise log into Plus regularly to see our latest offers.

Can friends and family use my Plus account?

You are free to share your offers with your family and friends but please be aware that purchases made via Plus can affect your monthly billing. Please keep your account details safe. Paymentsense is not liable for any purchases made on your account by any third party.

How do I cancel my Plus subscription?

To cancel your Plus subscription call our Customer Service team on 0800 103 2959.